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Robert de Lepervanche

Senior Financial Adviser and Principal

Robert de Lepervanche, a highly experienced financial adviser with nearly 3 decades of experience, hails from the rural town of Walgett. Departing from a career as a grazier at the age of 29, Robert embarked on a journey to become a financial planner, driven by a desire to assist others in navigating the complexities of finance. 

Returning home from university amidst a five-year drought, Robert’s pragmatic approach led him to the finance industry, where he found fulfilment in aiding individuals through their financial challenges and achieving their life aspirations.

His genuine dedication to his clients is evident in his ability to alleviate retirement anxieties, ease transitions into aged care, and provide reassurance during times of loss.

Known for his honesty, calm demeanour, and authenticity, Robert builds strong relationships with those he collaborates with. Beyond his professional responsibilities, Robert actively engages in charitable endeavours, supporting initiatives such as Make a Difference (MAD) and the Hastings Education Fund, while also contributing to the community by donating blood and plasma regularly. 

Robert finds joy in his family life, sharing a fulfilling marriage with Julie and raising a son and daughter together. Despite his extensive experience, Robert maintains an adventurous spirit, fondly recalling his explorations in far North Queensland, particularly camping on traditional lands in Cape York (with permission). 

Delving into his family history, Robert unearthed a humorous and intriguing anecdote about a lost castle in France, forfeited centuries ago due to gambling and debauchery. Despite the whims of fate, Robert’s commitment to making a difference in people’s lives remains steadfast, making him an invaluable asset to his clients and the community alike – instead of a French Count! 

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