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rex whitford

Rex Whitford

Senior Financial Adviser

Rex Whitford, an experienced Adviser based in Adelaide, brings a wealth of strategic expertise and a diverse background to his professional endeavours. With a deep-rooted appreciation for his Australian heritage, Rex is driven by his commitment to delivering superior service to his clients.

Outside of work, Rex enjoys indulging in his hobbies of playing the piano and staying active through exercise. He also finds inspiration and relaxation in travelling.

Quality relationships is of utmost importance to Rex, who is married with children. He values the convenience of pet ownership, opting for a goldfish as a travel-friendly option.

Educated at the University of Sunshine Coast, Rex continues to expand his knowledge through ongoing professional development, focusing on areas such as SMSF Association and career seminars. His journey into financial advising stemmed from a desire to continue a life of service in a commercial environment after his 20-year service experience in the Royal Australian Navy.

Rex’s career is characterised by his ability to understand and prioritise client values, offering strategic solutions that address their unique needs. He is known for simplifying complex financial concepts and providing reassurance to clients amidst governmental challenges.

After running a successful financial services business for 23 years, Rex’s has taken the decision to continue serving clients without the burdens of business ownership, leaving a positive impact on the next generation of advisers. With his attentive listening skills, strategic thinking, and dedication to client success, Rex Whitford remains a reliable and respected figure in the financial advisery field.

If you’d like to ask Rex any questions please contact her by phone or email