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michaela hammond

Michaela Hammond

Adviser Administration Support

Meet Michaela, affectionately known as Mick. Born and raised in Adelaide, Australia, Mick is a proud Aussie with a passion for reading and caring for her two cats, Mittens and Meatball. While she’s not jet-setting to a favourite travel destination, Mick finds joy in fostering dogs for a no-kill shelter, having helped 13 furry friends find their forever homes over three years.

Professionally, Michaela serves as Adviser Support at Coastal Advice Group in Adelaide, where she assists Rex Whitford. With over 4.5 years in the financial industry, Mick’s commitment to client success shines through her dedication to seeing tasks through and providing invaluable support. Her positive attitude and eagerness to help make her a beloved member of the Coastal Advice Group team, and clients often praise her patience and assistance.

When she’s not at the office, Michaela enjoys building relationships with clients and witnessing their financial success stories. She embodies the values of dedication, organisation, and a genuine desire to make a difference in clients’ lives. Join us in celebrating Mick’s invaluable contributions to Coastal Advice Group and her unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.

If you’d like to ask Michaela any questions please contact her by phone or email