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Lisa Duggan


Compass Advice Receptionist, Lisa Duggan, chose this career path to challenge her skills in a different industry. She finds fulfillment in connecting with people and making a tangible difference in their lives. With a career in the financial advice industry now spanning 10 years, Lisa’s work is characterised by variety, satisfaction, and enjoyment.

Lisa’s rapport-building skills are exceptional, earning her the title of “Chief Meet and Greeter” among clients. She thrives on connecting with people, hearing their stories, and providing support during significant life events. So long as you have a story to share, Lisa welcomes the opportunity to make your acquaintance.

Lisa was born in the golden city of Ballarat, Victoria and has lived in various Australian cities during her life. Her favorite travel destination is the picturesque Hervey Bay, where she finds solace in nature’s wonders. She shares her life with her partner, Greg, and they love watching sport together (in fact, they met in the West Indies on a cricket tour).

Beyond her professional life, Lisa is deeply passionate about rural community issues and advocates for better services and support. She also actively supports dementia research and volunteers with Make a Difference and Wauchope parkrun.

In Lisa, you’ll find a compassionate individual dedicated to making a difference both professionally and personally. With her warm demeanor and genuine interest in others, she’s not just a Receptionist, she’s a beacon of positivity in our team.

If you’d like to ask Lisa any questions please contact her by phone or email