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Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown

Executive Director and Principal

Daniel is the CEO of Coastal Advice Group.

With 20 years of providing Financial Advice, Daniel’s expertise in the industry is second-to-none.

Daniel established his first office in Newcastle in February 2016 and evolved into Coastal Advice Group with 4 locations along the east coast of NSW. 

With an ever-expanding team and locations, he ensures Coastal Advice Group remains committed to creating a personalised client experience while our team is aligned with our mission of helping clients achieve financial freedom.

Coastal Advice Group’s culture is led by our values: 1) Client First, 2) 100% of the truth, 100% of the time, and 3) No Limiting Beliefs.

Daniel is passionate about growing our business from within, employing talented people to nurture their development and ensure they become the best version of themselves in whatever role they have.

I really enjoy helping our team members fulfil their potential, just like we do with our clients.

Mindset and personal development are concepts that continue to drive Daniel to learn and grow. He lives by the values of his businesses and is known for his work ethic, passion, and commitment to being better every day.

Daniel has worked hard to provide a great lifestyle for his family and enjoys spending time with his children and supporting his wife Julie to fulfil her own business goals and dreams.

Each year Daniel lives in hope that his beloved Parramatta Eels will bring Peter Sterling out of retirement, as he knows ‘Sterlo’ is their only chance of winning another NRL premiership.

Daniel is constantly learning from the best Financial Advice business around the world to allow Coastal Advice Group to remain a leader in our industry with the sole driver of delivering the best possible outcomes for our clients and team members.

If you’d like to ask Daniel any questions please contact him by phone or email