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Coastal Advice Group Locations

Coastal Advice Group is a growing collective of Australian financial planning practices.

Collaborate with one of our seasoned financial advisers either at a conveniently located office in your vicinity or through one of our digital channels.

Click on the below links to find out more information about our offices and make a booking.

Port Macquarie

Secure your financial future with Compass Advice Port Macquarie’s innovative financial planning solutions.


Join our online financial planning community, where personalised guidance is just a virtual appointment away.


Your journey to financial success begins here at Wealth for Life Financial Planning.


Unlock your financial potential with expert guidance from Coastal Advice Group (Brighton & Somerton Park).

Newcastle Financial Planning (NFPG)

When it comes to retirement planning, superannuation, investments and life insurance your options are infinite. How do you know if you have made the right choices to create wealth, protect your wealth and prepare for retirement?

Becoming a client of Newcastle Financial Planning Group will give you the ability to leverage our team’s wealth of knowledge, education and experience. Be confident that you have structured your finances in accordance with your needs and wants. That way, you can be comfortable spending the rest of your life with your loved ones the way you planned.

Central Coast Financial Planning Group (CCFPG)

CCFPG understands that, living on the Central Coast often means sacrificing your current lifestyle (e.g. that long commute to work!) in the short-term to achieve your goals and dreams.
We want our clients to prosper and have the lifestyle they deserve, which can be achieved with the guidance of one of our specialist Financial Advisers to help manage your investments and assist you in making sound financial decisions.