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Investment Advice and Wealth Creation - investment advice

There’s more to investment planning than deciding where to invest

Whether you are an experienced investor looking to expand your wealth or a novice who is interested in taking the first steps towards building a portfolio, our experienced Financial Advisor team can develop a tailored strategy based on your financial goals, risk tolerance, investment time frame and circumstances.

Our Financial Advisors are not only experienced at providing Financial Advice, but also in investing and creating their own wealth, applying similar strategies they recommend to clients on a daily basis. We will work with you to devise a wealth creation strategy with your financial goals in mind.

It’s worth considering all your investment options inside and outside of Superannuation, consider the benefits of repaying your mortgage sooner, investment accounts for your children, and where to save for your next overseas holiday.

Achieve your wealth creation goals with expert guidance from the specialists at Coastal Advice Group.

When it comes to making those all-important decisions on where to invest, there are several key factors to take into consideration. These include tax implications, your risk tolerance and diversification. Coastal Advice Group can provide advice to you on all these aspects, taking into account both your current assets and those you would like to invest in the future.

Investing is a powerful wealth creation tool. A considered and well-researched strategy can give you the financial means to have choices in your life and choose your own path.

Our motto is, if you don’t understand, don’t invest!

Make your money work for you!

Here some are some strategies your Financial Adviser can incorporate into your Investment Portfolio and Wealth Creation Plan:

  • Property Investment
  • Direct Share Investing – participate in IPO’s
  • Borrowing to Invest using Equity within your existing assets
  • Invest in Managed Funds or Exchange Traded Fund (ETF’s)
  • Direct Share Investing
  • Create a Regular Savings Plan
  • Comparison of Loan repayments v Super contributions v Savings
  • Develop a Spending Plan to identify surplus cash
  • Superannuation Strategies

With their extensive specialist knowledge, a Coastal Advice Group Financial Adviser can help you with all your Investment Advice and Wealth Creation needs. We have offices located in Newcastle, the Central Coast, Sydney, Port Macquarie, and Byron Bay.

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