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4 Decisions to Make Now If You Want to Retire in 5 Years

July 19, 2022 | Retirement Planning

Are looking to retire in 5 years?

Five years before retirement, a person will make more crucial decisions about how to spend their retirement than at any other time. Why? Because these choices are difficult to change and they will have a lasting impact on income and spending for the rest of their lives. Making the right decisions can mean a longer retirement with more money – which is the goal.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 55% of people over 55 were retired in 2020.

To be ready for retirement with peace of mind and free of financial stress, here are four essential decisions need to make if you are looking to retire in 5 years:

1. Calculate How Much You Need to Retire Early

This calculation is one that people should be doing every year, but there is no better time to do this than now because people should have a better sense of their retirement income, debts, and other financial needs. The calculation will indicate where adjustments need to be, such as cutting spending or increasing income.

To calculate how much you’ll need to retire in 5 years, begin by estimating your spending in retirement. Make a list of all current expenses and any future costs you anticipate.

Then, consider your sources of income in retirement. Money from pensions, part-time work, and other sources will be used to cover your expenses, with any leftover amount coming from your savings and investments.

This Money Smart Retirement Planner will help you to get started.

2. List Your Asset Allocation

It’s also important to take inventory of your retirement assets and ensure you are invested in the best way to meet your retirement goals.

If you invest in assets that are too volatile, you put yourself at risk of losing valuable capital so close to retirement. Alternatively, invest in assets that are not risky enough and you may fail to generate a sufficient return to sustain yourself in retirement.

It is best to work with a qualified financial adviser to create a well-researched strategy that considers your tax implications, risk tolerance, diversification and goals.

3. Predict Your Retirement Outcome

You should make your money last longer than you live. Talk to a financial adviser about your retirement plans, including how much money you’ll need each year and which assets to use first. This will help you understand your retirement income, how your expenses will be covered, and how your investment returns will contribute to your long-term success.

Another benefit is that you can see how likely your projections will be achieved by comparing them to past results. A high probability of success will make it much easier to take the first step into retirement!

4. Explore Your Super Contributions

Making the right financial decisions in the years leading up to retirement can result in a retirement lifestyle that is much more comfortable and worry-free. This can be achieved by exploring your super contributions and making informed decisions about where to invest your money. Doing so can easily add thousands of dollars to your retirement nest egg, making your retirement even more comfortable.


In these final five years of your career, you have the power to make decisions that will affect your retirement and income for the rest of your life. The decisions you make now will make it easier to enjoy the retirement you envision – one with more money, more time, and the most freedom you can have.

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