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How can a financial adviser help me?

February 13, 2021 | Financial Advice

More than money: new research reveals the True Value of Financial Advice

For more than 50% of the Australians who intend to seek financial advice in the future, the real question on their mind is “How can a financial adviser help me?”

As the economic impacts of the global pandemic are beginning to settle, many Australians aren’t exactly thrilled with their current financial situation.

But there’s another after-effect of the pandemic that isn’t receiving the attention it truly deserves.

As we are starting to learn, financial stress takes a big toll on many other areas of our lives.

So, what is also great to know is that financial advice not only improves financial wellbeing, but also reduces stress leading to overall wellbeing.

Managing your money takes time and knowledge which not everybody can do effortlessly. Research shows that better managed money leads to a better, more peaceful lifestyle and better health generally. This is where the true value of a financial adviser comes into play, and why working with a financial adviser is something all Australians need to consider.

What does a financial adviser do?

While there are many services, tasks and areas of specialty, the following quote from Dane De Gori, chief executive of the Financial Planning Association of Australia explains it best:

“In its simplest form, a financial planner just helps you achieve your financial goals. They’re there to enable you to live the life you want to live. And I think the essence of that is a plan”1

But before you obtain financial advice, it’s essential you ask yourself “What do I want to get out of it?” and “What are my goals?”.

These aren’t always the easiest questions to answer and that’s okay. According to a December 2020 IOOF report2 on the value of advice, financial advice actually helps you identify and prioritise goals.

This means you can come along to your first Coastal Advice Group meeting without yet knowing what your goals are, and our Financial Specialists can help you not only identify your goals, but also begin working towards them.

Our financial advisers take the time to understand your personal circumstances and provide good financial advice specifically tailored for you. And while your needs, objectives and desires are unique to you, the services that Australians value most from their adviser are often very similar.

Here are the top 5 rated services that financial advisers provide:

  1. Guidance for investing and making financial decisions
  2. Growing and managing wealth
  3. Guidance on securing income stream
  4. Assistance to understand the long-term consequences of financial decisions
  5. Planning for retirement2

These are just some of the services that make up a good financial plan which can deliver both financial and lifestyle benefits.

Financial advice brings so much more than just money

1. Improved mental wellbeing

Financially advised Australians felt an improvement in their mental health, which is especially important after the challenging year we have all experienced.

According to the survey and report by IOOF, advised clients stressed less, had decreased anxiety and worried less about their future, which led to better mental health and wellbeing.2

2. Better family and social life

A healthy social life has never been more important.

Financial advice can not only give you better financial security to invest in the things you enjoy, but it can actually improve your social life and personal relationships.

In fact, two out of five advised Australians cited benefits to their family life from receiving professional financial advice.2

3. Increased peace of mind

After engaging with financial advice, an astonishing 95% of Australians expressed greater peace of mind. This also went hand in hand with less stress, and giving Australians the opportunity to live the desired, peaceful lifestyle they deserve.2

4. Increased confidence in decision-making and in achieving goals

Confidence is the key to success and it is also a key benefit that Australians gain when they receive advice. What’s more is that this affected not just financial decision-making but confidence in decisions across all areas of life.2

5. Greater happiness

Happiness is one of, if not, the most important outcomes of obtaining advice.

From our experience at Coastal Advice Group, making our clients happy is what it’s all about.

Happiness can be achieved in a number of different ways, but working with clients across NSW, we find that it seems to be a combination of both the financial and emotional benefits that contribute to happiness.


If you are ready to secure your happiness, Coastal Advice Group’s financial advisers can help you on your path to greater personal and financial success.

Our award-winning financial planners have the expertise and experience to create a tailored financial plan for you so you can rest assured knowing your financial future is in capable hands.

Contact us for an initial appointment with one of our Financial Advisers. We have offices located in Newcastle – The Junction (NFPG), Central Coast – Erina (CCFPG) and Sydney CBD (SWA).



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