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5 Ways You Can Build Wealth Today

October 4, 2022 | Financial Advice

The road to financial freedom is not paved by investing alone. Those who want to amass, generate, and secure wealth should take more proactive steps and adopt a holistic strategy that addresses all aspects of their financial affairs.

Read on to discover the five ways you can build your wealth today.

Build Your Wealth

1# Build Wealth by Using Your Money Wisely

What you spend is more important than what you earn. Indeed, you can have a high income, but it is a whole level of discipline to save for the future and purchase investments. In order to exercise better financial and spending control, you should first understand your own money routines and behaviours. Conduct your own investigation into previous expenditures in order to plan for future costs. This will help you steer clear of unjustified spending.

Another helpful step is to devise a strategy for paying off personal loans and credit cards as quickly as possible.

The MoneySmart Budget Planner is a free tool you can use to get started.

2# Build Wealth by Setting Aside Money for Unforeseen Events

Always keep a healthy cash balance in your bank account aka an emergency fund. Stay liquid, but avoid keeping all your money in the bank. Having an accessible and appropriate cash reserve can save you on rainy days and prevent financial trouble. As such, it is highly recommended that you keep track of your emergency fund on a regular basis.

3# Build Wealth By Investing

Having money in the bank does not automatically make you an active investor. Engaging in financial activities such as building a diversified investment portfolio – beyond cash – and reaping the benefits of compound interest can help you to accumulate wealth. Diversify your portfolio by buying across different investment and asset classes and ensure your portfolio is appropriate for your risk tolerance.

Forecasting future returns based on past performance is impossible. Investing in a particular asset or industry can put you at risk of financial loss so make sure you feel comfortable with your choices. If you are unsure how to build a tailored portfolio, consult with a financial adviser –  if you don’t understand, don’t invest! Remember, the best investment strategy for each individual is unique.

4# Build Wealth By Enhancing Your Super

The most effective way to accumulate wealth is to create a retirement plan that includes savings. The most common form of retirement saving for Australians is via superannuation.

Superannuation is not taxed in the same way that other types of income or investments are. Investing in super can be beneficial depending on the specifics of your situation if you have the ability to delay accessing the funds for a period of time.

It is not advisable to treat the retirement account as if it were a cash savings account and simply let it “do its thing.” Knowing how and where your retirement savings are invested, as well as the fees charged by your fund, is critical. It is critical to remember that a higher fee does not always imply a better quality product.

5# Build Wealth By Utilising Technology

You may find yourself managing your finances in an archaic way. Perhaps it is time to make use of technology and use money apps that can simplify the process and help you find opportunities to save money.

With the help of apps designed specifically for this purpose, you can track your spending, save money on gas and groceries, and even check your investments. Likewise, it is also critical to delete and stop using applications that are a waste of money.

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Building wealth is not always about getting rich – it’s about financial security, putting food on the table, getting ready for unfortunate events, and making sure you protect your family. With secured wealth, you have choices in your life and can choose your own path.

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